One of Ride Redding's primary missions is to bring outside exposure to our area from contacts we have in the media industry, as well as create new partnerships. You could do all the expensive traditional advertising you want, but it is hard to put a price on authentic editorials like The Path Less Pedaled.

Russ and Laura are the passionate creators of the The Path Less Pedaled. They are on a self-described "open-ended bicycle tour" exploring the world by bike and documenting their travels in near real time via Youtube and social media. Not only do they love the bicycle touring lifestyle, but are also quite fond of fly-fishing; making Redding the perfect place for countless adventures exploring our vast network of paved and dirt trails by bike, while in the same day enjoying fly fishing on our sparkling lakes and rivers.

We hosted Russ and Laura in November and had a blast talking over some local brews about bikes, gear, favorite rides and sharing ideas on creating strong local economies based on recreational (including bicycle!) tourism. During their quick stay they did some fly fishing along the Sacramento River and rode part of the new Great Shasta Rail Trail. They were impressed with what Redding has to offer said they'll be coming back again soon! Ride Redding plans to team up with the The Path Less Pedaled duo and cook up some powerful media for our community! Stay tuned!

Make sure to give them a "like" here on Facebook and follow their explorations here on YouTube! They are super fun to watch! We are envious of their travels and adventures but can live vicariously through social media. :)

And of course, no trip to our area is complete without visiting the Great Shasta Rail Trail and a little gravel grinding!