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We here at Ride Redding with Andrew Pellkofer at the helm of the project have been working with The City of Redding Community Services to bring a next generation playground to Redding, pump parks! You can think of a pump park as a safe and fun BMX park for all levels of riders to have fun and progress their skill level and bike handling skills.

We will be having a meeting with the community and the city at Rocky Point Charter School, 3500 TAMARACK DRIVE, REDDING, CA 96003, Thursday August 13th at 5:30pm and it would be great if you could show up and wear a pump parks please button (free at the door) to show support and learn about the project, hopefully the first of many in our area! 

Now watch these little rippers to see how fun a pump park can be!

© COMMENCAL 2015 - Footage and edit by Sam Decout & Thibault

All about Pump Parks

Basic Anatomy of a Pump Park 

  • Small loop of trail
  • Trail consists of berms and rollers
  • Users “pump” their bicycle to generate speed, not pedal - Focus is on skill development & fun!

Key Concept – Multiple Interconnected Loops - Increases fun

  • Improves social sustainability
  • Serves a much broader range of riders

Why Build a Pump Park? To get more kids on bikes!

Still Need More Reasons?

  • Provides a fun and safe location for kids to ride bikes and exercise
  • Diversifies the recreation landscape ⦁ Serves a broad range of riders
  • Offers a shared recreation experience – parents & children together
  • Attractive to visitors
  • Relatively easy to build

Short Term Vision

  • Safe urban spaces for bikes to play - New recreation opportunity
  • Get more kids on bikes!

Mid Term Vision

  • Increase the density and proximity of physical activity environments for bikes
  • Reduce activity barriers for socio-economically challenged kids & families
  • Bike education programs - Skill development clinics - After school programs
  • New competitive sports

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