There has been some misinformation being circulated about this project; some businesses have even made decisions based on inaccurate information. The information that is being spread that is wrong is that this project will be done in a matter of months or even later this year. This is in fact, is very untrue; this project will not break ground until at least 2019. 

What has been done:

Preliminary designs were made

Council approved applying for the Caltrans Active Transportation Program Grant

Grant was applied for in a very competitive process

Grant was selected for awarded

Next steps:

Here is a high-level overview of what needs to happen next. The earliest awarded funds can be allocated is in August, at that point, the City can continue and finish the design process, and begin then environmental review. Since federal funds are involved the project must go through the NEPA process, which best case scenario takes a year minimum to complete. 

When the project is at 100% design and completed the environmental review, the project must go one last time to the California Transportation Commission for construction allocation. The job goes out to bid and then and only then can the city go to construction. It is anticipated that this should be around 2019/2020 construction season. 

We are as excited as anyone that this project is coming, and funding has been awarded, but let's be patient and not spread inaccurate information that will get people rilled up when the project doesn't come to fruition in time.