Victor Avenue Open House

Wednesday, May 18th, 4-7 PM

Enterprise Park Community Room (adjacent to the Park Pavilion)

The Project spans Victor Avenue from Enterprise Park to the bridge over Churn Creek. The project will provide pedestrian improvements which are being funded by HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program), a federal program that funds transportation-related safety projects. The proposed improvements will be primarily focused on pedestrian safety and include:

  • Provide a sidewalk/pathway along the western side of the entire corridor;
  • Complete corridor roadway lighting;
  • Provide shorter pedestrian crossings at intersections;
  • Construct roundabouts at Marlene and Galaxy;
  • Construct a barrier on the west side of the existing bridge to provide for pedestrians;
  • Re-purpose to the travel lanes in front of the park to calm traffic and provide better facilities for all roadway users;
  • Provide an enhanced pedestrian crossing adjacent to the Park, as well as at Vega and Conifer

Ride with a Transportation Official

Thursday, May 19th 5:30 PM  at the Sundial Bridge

Learn about proposed projects connecting the River Trail to neighborhoods and downtown

Walking Workshops

The City of Redding and Healthy Shasta invites you to walk with us. We'd like to hear your ideas for making walking and bicycling better on Hartnell and Bechelli.  Plus talk about safety improvements being planned.  

Tuesday, May 24th at 5:30 p.m.
Focus on Bechelli Lane & Loma Vista
        Meet at The Rose Center, 3278 Bechelli

Wednesday, May 25th at 6:00 p.m
Focus on Hartnell Avenue – Churn Creek to Victor

Meet at Thai Hut, 1165 Hartnell

Provide two mid-block enhanced crossing locations, buffered bike lanes, and provide accessible pedestrian facilities including reducing curb radius and completing sidewalk gaps, and pedestrian signal control equipment.

Or give input online:
You can choose to comment on Hartnell (the city has funding for safety improvements) and/or Bechelli (your input can help the city set priorities and get grant funding).  

Walking Workshop Questions?  Call 229-8243