A nature walk and bicycle tour is offered on Great Shasta Rail Trail (GSRT) on National Trails Day, Saturday, June4 beginning at 9:00 a.m.

GRST is California’s newest off-road trail for non-motorized use, located between McCloud and Burney in northern California.  

Events begin at the Burney Trailhead located east of town at the intersection of Highway 299 and Black Ranch Road.

Leaving the trail, participants enter an open forest environment.  Vehicles are a distant sound; civilization, infrequent.  A shuttered biomass plant is a living of example of changing power generation sources.  Atop nearby Hatchet Ridge are 43 wind turbines hidden from the trail by trees and additional mountains.  

The Nature Walk is a scenic exploration of the trail’s flora, fauna near the ground and surrounding tall trees.  While never far from civilization, the visitor will feel an urban lifestyle is miles away.  Tour leaders are a retired forest service official and a nature educator.  Both are avid gardeners.  

The trail is open to all bicyclists who may ride any distance.  Fat tire bikes are more stable on the red cindered trail.  

The organized bicycle ride to the “Stand by Me” bridge over Lake Britton is nearly 10 miles, one-way.  The bridge was the opening scene of the 1986 movie.  Tour leader is an avid cyclist who enjoys sharing his GSRT experiences.  He is featured in a video on the trail’s website.  

Carry snacks and water.  Consider all weather gear because mountain temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees cooler than Redding.  After the tours, see world renowned 129-foot Burney Falls at nearby McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park.  

Enjoy a day with Mother Nature in beautiful Eastern Shasta County.  

For additional information, contact bikerbill@frontiernet.net or call 530-925-6362.