Would you consider riding your bike to the store, school, work to visit friends, the river trail, a mountain bike ride, or for a meal and drinks if only there were a complete network of safe cycling facilities available? If you do ride your bike to do these things and don't feel you need better facilities how about your children, would you feel safe letting them?

If you want to help make this a reality you need to come to these planning meetings (below) and give them input. Why? Because if the barriers to you riding your bike from your home are not documented at these meetings or the ideas to overcome them do not get in the plans, the solutions will get done.

So please make an effort to come to these meetings and do not be afraid to speak your vision, anything from simply putting in a bike lane where there is room near your house to a grand project that you don't think could get done. Because if our community can get something like Dana to Downtown done, we can finish connecting our cycling community safely. 

Upcoming Planing Workshops

If you absolutely can't make the meeting you can still do a few things that will help out a lot! 

  1. Enter comments on the map of the goShasta Regional Plan

  2. Take the goShasta Regional Plan survey

  3. Enter Comments on the Caltrans 273 specific plan map