Caltrans is in the process of preparing an environmental impact report for what is basically just a shoulder widening project on 299 between Old Shasta and Crystal Creek Road. While this project will make the shoulders 8' wide and full of debris, we feel we can do better! 


Now, imagine being able to walk run or ride from the Sundial Bridge or (soon) Downtown to Whiskeytown on a RiverTrail like experience! 

It would be delightful to have Caltrans explore an option for extending a River Trail like and protected experience along this stretch of highway as it COULD SAFELY access a bunch of recreation opportunities shown on the Strava heat map below if an adequately safe and protected facility for walking, running and cycling was constructed. 

This would allow event participants like the Whiskeytown Relays to have a better experience and open up the area to new and better event opportunities helping the Redding area become even more of a destination for recreational activities.

If you feel this is a good idea to at least explore, please sign the letter of support below to both keep in the loop and let Caltrans know they can do better. Also please consider sharing this article by sharing on social media, emailing to your friends and discussing it on your next ride with friends.

Then attend the Caltrans Public Meeting on Thursday, May 16th anytime between 4 pm to 6:30 pm at 1031 Butte Street in the Lassen Traning Room and let them know you want a better project! 

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These messages will be passed along to Caltrans and go a long way so consider writing why you want this adjustment to the project.