What is a Ride Redding Ambassador? Think of the Ambassadors as a bike team, but instead of winning races our team job is to get more people on bikes. We will also help cycling grow for sport, fun, recreation and as a lifestyle in the Redding area.  You will have a lot of support, a few responsibilities and some benefits as a Ride Redding Ambassador. You want to help but are not quite sure where to start? Maybe you have some ideas too?

What kind of riders are we looking for? ANY!

No really, any kind of rider: Trail, Path, Road, BMX, Downhill, Cyclocross, Commute, Utility, Slow, Fast, Old, Young, Novice, Seasoned, Near, Far, never ridden, or bike-curious?


  • Host a weekly group ride, you don't have to do it 52 weeks a year but try and build some consistency and communicate (we will help you with that part), it really helps build community. Anything from River Trail rides to 100mile weekend MTB rides.
  • Occasionally helping the Ride Redding staff with various projects, you choose your own level of involvement. We promise it will be fun! 
  • Help get the word out via word of mouth.

Support & Benefits

  • Ride Redding will get the word out about your ride.
  • Training (paid for) so everyone is on the same page with rules of the road, safety & mechanical skills.
  • Technology Support, Social Media Support, STRAVA Support.
  • Clothing, kits, casual wear, and other bike related stuff.
  • Group trips!
  •  lot of other stuff to come, but you're not doing this for the free stuff, you're doing because you want to make Redding a better place to ride!
  • A genuine feeling that you are helping your community become a better place!
  • FUN!

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