BMX and sports keep kids busy, away from drugs and trouble, as well as active and healthy. This is why you should support Bicycle Motocross, BMX and your local Boomtown track. 

One part of cycling that I missed out on growing up was BMX. My first bike was a Huffy, yup neon yellow forks and white splatter, it all but lasted about 9 months until I broke the rear wheel and the front forks. That Christmas my dad got me a red Mongoose Threshold, I road that thing into the ground!

If you can rip by on the downhills, I would put $100 down that you started on BMX. You can always pick put those guys that can rock the technical stuff or pass you faster on any little downhill, they can ride flat pedals better than you ride clip-less. They don't ride their bike, they dance with it! Don't doubt me, I loved my Mongoose, but I only wish my parents got me a BMX and a track membership instead! 

Boomtown BMX in Shasta Lake needs your support. Running a track makes little to no money,  just keeping the track up and running can be a struggle especially when you fall to victim to crime. Last year the start house was burned by vandals and was quickly rebuilt with community support, but now they need a replace the 10 year-old failing gate ram. The  gate ram is the device that lifts the start gate then drops the gate to let the racers race, if it fails, it doesn't drop. Racers that anticipate the drop and end up flipping themselves over the gate. Last year a kid broke his arm! 

Boomtown recently had a bake sale and raised $500 towards the gate ram but they are only about half way there.  

If you can donate to the gate ram fund click below!

Any amount is appreciated! Big or Small!

Thank you for your support!!

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