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Questions Remain in Wake of Cyclist’s Death

Questions Remain in Wake of Cyclist’s Death

Shortly before 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 11th, the victim was struck as he rode southbound in the crosswalk from North Boulder Drive. Witnesses at the scene state the driver of a Dodge pickup ran the red light striking the cyclist. Traffic from the neighborhoods along Boulder Drive and Lake Boulevard backed up as morning commuters sat in mute witness to another traffic fatality.

Ride with a POV Camera

Reporting harassment or even a collision with an irate, aggressive and or distracted driver often leads to law enforcement and the legal system siding with the driver. Having a POV camera on your bike or helmet can really help your case. Along with the hard to dispute footage it can be posted to social media and help you catch a license plate that is o so hard to catch when your heart is racing fearing for your life or laying on the ground after a hit and run.

Post by Look! Save A Life / Arizona.