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Hit-&-Run Amber Alerts Proposal for Shasta County

Friday night 16-year-old Mark Vargas was hit by a car and the driver fled the scene, Mark Vargas is now on life support. Mariana Contreras was hit and killed by a hit and run driver last September on Happy Valley road. I missed by minutes the bulk of the Owens Health Care Cycling Team getting ran into from behind by a drunk driver that fled the scene but luckily the driver was caught shortly after by an off duty sheriff that saw it happen. Los Angles is considering a Hit-&-Run Amber Alert Program and I think it is a wonderful idea for Shasta County. With RPD being slow to respond to calls this system could really help law enforcement locate hit and run drivers. What would be ideal is if the Hit-&-Run Amber Alerts program was combined with a Vulnerable Roadway User Law here in Shasta County. This would not fix everything and you will still have to prove your side so I recommend, until the culture shifts out on the roadway, Ride with a POV Camera.