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WE DID IT! Boomtown BMX gets a new start ram!

WE DID IT! Boomtown BMX gets a new start ram!



In less than 72 hrs the Ride Redding community came together to get Boomtown BMX the new start ram that they needed! Thank you everyone that donated, liked, shared as well as told their friends and family. You don't necessarily have to donate to help make a difference, you just have to help get the word out. If you like what Ride Redding is up to please become a free member

Take a moment and thank the people below!


$40 The DoddSquad

$50 Doug Rodgers Worthy cause.

$20 Anonymous

$25 Kareem Speake

$25 John Donaldson Boomtown is a great place for kids. We appreciated how nicely Cameron was treated when he rode there for a few months. We hope when he gets a little older he will return to BMX'ing. Keep up the good work.

$100 Marty Boster

$25 Jann Scott My son, Steve, spent lots of time BMXing on a track he built in our backyard. Great sport!

$20 Ken Denser Flipping the gate is not fun

$5 Michelle Leake

$20 Bike Distro 

$20 Anonymous

$50 Anonymous 

$20 Billy Back 

$20 Sean Kearns It's not much but I hope it helps

$88 Anonymous

BoomTown BMX's Start House Burned

BoomTown BMX's Start House Burned


BoomTown BMX's start-house was burned to the ground sometime before 4am early sunday morning. Apparently BoomTown has had problems with vandals in the past.

Our track has been the repeated target of vandals but we will not let them win! We are going to continue to provide our kids with a safe and fun environment to ride in despite setbacks. Please share with your friends and family. We need the community's help to put a stop to this! If you have any information please contact the sheriff's department. -Dustie Kenyon (BoomTown BMX)

Let's help out BoomTown get some security cameras and help rebuild the start-house out of something that can't be destroyed, and or maybe we need a larger solution for the problem that can also raise the profile of BMX in our community?