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Bike lanes will no longer end on "the dreaded curve" on Churn Creek!

Bike lanes will no longer end on "the dreaded curve" on Churn Creek!

Following Old Alturas and Buenaventura, Churn Creek between Bodenhamer and Palacio along Boulder Creek Elementary is getting full 7' bike lanes and some buffering! This section of road been one of the places that cyclist dread and tried to avoid due to almost no shoulder or bike lane combined with the high speeds and curve on the road. In addition to bike lanes, there will also be a rumble strip placed in the center of the road due to head-on collisions that have happened in the past.

This project is a huge connection that will see a massive increase in cycling traffic since the alternatives, Hilltop and Shasta View are very inconvenient detours that most people simply will not ride their bikes. Now they can comfortably and safely connect to Churn Creek, Dana, Hilltop businesses as well as the Rivertrail and everywhere it connects to!

City of Redding Informational Open House: Victor Avenue Improvements

City of Redding Informational Open House: Victor Avenue Improvements

Socialize with us! 

Community input is vital to the City getting our community projects correct so please come if you have any input. Additionally if you can not make the meeting please place your comments below. 

From the City of Redding:

The City of Redding has received federal funding through the Highway Safety Improvement Program for traffic safety improvements on Victor Avenue from Churn Creek bridge to Enterprise Park. The proposed improvements will be primarily focused on pedestrian safety include:

  • Provide a pathway along the western side of the entire corridor

  • Complete corridor roadway lighting

  • Decrease pedestrian crossing distance at intersections

  • Construct a barrier on the west side of the existing bridge to provide protection for pedestrians from vehicles

  • Reconfigure travel lanes to slow speeds, provide for bicycle lanes and additional parking in front of Enterprise Park

  • Provide an enhanced pedestrian crossings adjacent to the Park                      

Informational Open House

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Enterprise Park Community Room (adjacent to the park Pavilion area)

4300 Victor Avenue 

You are invited to review the proposed project concepts  and provide comments and input.  Staff will be available to provide information and answer questions. For questions about the project contact Corri Vandiver 530-245-7120

Just a little something I observed while I was there today...