The Cannondale demo weekend, with green grass to boot!

The Cannondale demo weekend, with green grass to boot!

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You might think a demo weekend in mid november would be well, chancing it, but it seams that indian summers have gave way to fall is the new second spring? It gave way to a killer demo weekend starting off with Sam spinning some tunes outside the newly remodeled Village Cycle and the Cannondale Demo Truck sending a bunch of people out on bikes. 

Then Sunday came the Swasey Recreational Area Dirt Demo. 

As you can see, good times were had, about 70 people road bikes. Meagan and I took out out Trigger 27.5's. I felt like this is a pretty good all around bike for me, they area calling it a quiver killer. It rolled up Escalator with ease and then a flick of the switch to add suspension travel and slack out the geometry then a drop of the dropper post its ready to bomb Terminator, pretty slick. I could tell I was not on a 29er for sure but it also didn't feel like a little kids bike since I have been on my Epic 29er for so long. STRAVA FLYBY of the ride!

Dallas and Andy were all smiles.

Dallas and Andy were all smiles.

Heres Meagan's impression, your new Ride Redding Co Director

Meagan  Yates  will be joining Ride Redding as Co-Director. 

Meagan Yates will be joining Ride Redding as Co-Director. 

So I demo’d the new cannondale Jekyll this week and though I showed up just looking forward to having some time on the trail with a few buddies, I ended up getting quite the eye opening experience. When they handed me the bike, my eyes immediately went to the single stanchioned front shock. I’d seen them in magazines and thought they looked unstable and overly trendy. “They’re waaaay lighter” a fellow rider chided in, seeing the bemused look on my face. “Uh-huh”, I thought. “We’ll see...” So we headed off to the trail on our flashy bikes and started up our first hill. Did I mention it was a 27.5”? It was. Trendy. I’m a devout 26” er. I giggled inside and began the ascent. Ok so funny thing- it climbed like my road bike. No joke. It was the strangest feeling. I’m not the most enthusiastic climber- I do it because I have to- but I actually enjoyed this part because it felt so much easier. The Jekyll descended like a champ. Nothing better than demo-ing a freshly lubed suspension. Dang it. Now I actually want one of those flashy trendy single stanchion bikes. Ah well, my 26ers will do me just fine this coming race season, but when I wear them out and bury them, who knows. I may just be converted.
The only draw I could find was that the center of gravity felt a little high for me, and I only noticed it on the downhill. So now I have to try out a 29er, a hard tail, a single speed, and finally no suspension at both of these sizes and see how they stack up. Here’s to science
— Meagan Yates

O, and there was a Co siting!

Cannondale Factory Demo comes to Redding!

Cannondale Factory Demo comes to Redding!


This weekend Cannondale Bicycles will be here with their factory demo fleet for you to try out the latest & greatest bikes to see which one might be for you! Free with valid ID. Bring your helmet and your pedals/shoes if you have them. The dirt should be epic Sunday, hope to see you out there!

Saturday: Village Cycle, 3090 Bechelli Ln. Redding CA 96002, 9am - 4pm

Sunday: Swasey Recreation Area, Delano Dr, Redding, CA 96001, 10am - 4pm

Join the Facebook event here:

Riding Lassen National Park, CAR FREE!

Riding Lassen National Park, CAR FREE!

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Each Spring/Fall when Lassen National Park is going to open/close the road they have a car free day, both the north and south entrances are closed to vehicular traffic. This is an amazing thing because riding through Lassen with tourist driving RV's can be a bit intimating for some people, the grades may be long but they are not terribly steep, all and all it makes for a great ride! The park does not get a lot of notice when they do this because it is all weather dependent. 

So we promoted it. 

Check out this Hyperlapse of the first part of the south side decent! 

Click the image below to to watch the riders for yourself.

Just a few Instagram's from a perfect day 

Lassen National Park was at the summit snapping some pics of people at the top! 

It was a great day out there perfect weather, it was wonderful to ride with old friends and got to meet a lot of new people, I ran into a bunch of people from Chico, a good handful from the Bay Area and Sacramento as well. I would guesstimate that there were between 100-150 people out on the road today! Let's tell Lassen National Park thank you by sharing our ride photos on their wall. Keep an eye out on Ride Redding for the Spring event! 

The Pain Train

The Pain Train

On Sunday some riders did 65 miles and 14,500' around Whiskeytown Lake as part of the Pain Train Endurance Race. I road my moto around to get some shots, the day was epic and warm to say the least, I only shot until around 2pm because of the 3hrs of sleep that I got the night before, maybe next year I will be able to get up Shasta Bally for some more epic scenic shots.

Grassroots events like this is how Mountain Bike Racing got started, part of this course even touch on one of the first organized Mountain Bike events, The Whiskeytown Downhill. 


Images available here. 

I Give 3 Feet Bumper Stickers

I Give 3 Feet Bumper Stickers

Order Your Bumper Sticker HERE $3 each, home delivery via bike, or maybe motorcycle in the Redding Area, or I can snail mail it to you. 

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Delivery Address

Give 3 feet to bicyclists - It's more than just a law #iGive3

Give 3 feet to bicyclists - It's more than just a law #iGive3

It was a nice spring day in the rural foothills east of Redding, California.

I was taking my girlfriend for the first time on my favorite east-side ride over Ponderosa Road. She was doing very well, as a relatively new recreational cyclist. She was fresh off her first century ride. I was so excited, I couldn’t stop yammering about how awesome this ride was. We were no more than 30 minutes in the saddle, on a long straight section with about a half mile of visibility in either direction. I was riding in the front breaking the wind because I knew it was going to be a long day in the saddle for her. 

I heard it coming, a big truck. I figure it wouldn’t be a big deal, a good dozen cars passed us in tighter spots and they gave us plenty of room. I yell “truck back” and we hug the white line, no shoulder at all, and the truck passes us, no on-coming vehicles in sight. The truck mirror came within 6 inches of my shoulder and the horse trailer wheel within inches of my leg. They were going about 60 miles an hour.

I was scared at first, normally I don’t get scared, I get pissed. With my girlfriend behind me, I thought: 'Was she OK?' 'Was she in the ditch?' I looked over my shoulder and she was upright and shaken, a mix of fear and anger on her face. I asked her if she was ok, she couldn’t even speak. I became enraged as I realized that this truck, hauling a horse trailer, buzzed a girl with a blonde ponytail wearing a pink on her jersey. I took off in anger, in a knowingly futile and emotional 45 minute time trial, pounding the pedals, hoping that this driver would stop at the Whitmore Store and I could get his plates to report him. I almost threw up. I was two minutes too late, the store clerk told me.

Completely wiped, I gave up on catching the trucker. I loop back around to find her. Within a few miles I found her on the side of the road. She is still standing, straddling the bike, head resting on her hands on the handlebars, sobbing. I should have never left her.

This wasn't the first time something like this has happened, it wouldn't be the last. I have ridden with other women that have been directly assaulted by people with their vehicles on the road.

There is no gender bias, race bias, nationality bias, social class bias, as a person on a bicycle. There is only bias towards the bicycle.


This video is the most honest and real testimonial that  have seen come out of cycling. Take two minutes to listen Milleygoat Tanner's words.

Humans in cars

There are 3 main types of drivers that violate our 3 foot space. The unaware drivers are unskilled at recognizing how close their vehicle is to the bicyclist in relation to their speed and how unnecessarily uncomfortable, or even frightened they can make the person on a bicycle feel. These people simply have no connection to the cyclist experience and behaviors exibited by these drivers are completely unintentional. The distracted drivers are indiscriminate about who they harm or kill, including themselves. And the aggressive drivers are purposeful, ranging from intimidation to ending a life.

And then there are the sane, aware, decent human drivers that give people on bikes safe passing every day. Thank you.

Today, AB 1371 the “Three Feet for Safety Act” goes into effect.

This is what you need to know.


  1. If law enforcement didn't see it, it didn't happen. 
  2. Motorists who get caught violating the new law will face a $35 fine plus fees, or a $220 fine — $959 with fees — if a collision occurs. Where a violation results in a collision that injures a bicyclist, the law will be valuable because it establishes a basis for citing the driver for unsafe passing.
  3. California now joins twenty-four other states with similar laws.

  4. The three foot law alone, will not protect you. 

I don't really see this law having any impact on the aggressive or distracted driving problems we face on the road every day. The law is a tool that does a couple of things, it has the potential to educate some unaware drivers and it can help you take legal action against the unaware, aggressive or distracted drivers. 

The thing is, a law enforcement officer must witness the violation, and side with you. You have to CYOA- Cover Your Own Ass. This means the burden of proof is on you. Unless you have a POV camera to prove you were assaulted, this law is just an educational piece (which is a great thing). But, if the law enforcement officer didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.

Lets face it, this almost never happens.

 You have to cover yourself and this is what you should do.

  1. Get a POV camera and use it.
  2. When blatantly passed to close or harassed by a motorist show the clip to your local Law Enforcement.
  3. Post your video to YouTube with the plate number if you have it. 
  4. Feel free to ask questions of Ride Redding on this post or Social Media.

What POV Camera should I consider?


The smaller, lighter option. The menu and on/off procedures are a bit clunky but it is light and compact. Make sure you get the extra battery pack, even with the extra battery pack you only will get about 2 hours recording ride time and need a 32gb class 10 SD card.  The GoPro has an optional viewing attachment, but it will take the place of the extra battery. Run time will be reduced.

Garmin VIRB action cam

Much easier to turn off and on, as well as easier to swap batteries. It has an integrated playback screen which is good if law enforcement arrives on scene and you need immediate proof. The Elite has GPS integrated with the video to further help your case. The only drawback to the Garmin VIRB is that it is a little on the bulky side.

Fly 6

The Fly 6 is a purpose-built combination tail-light & rear-facing HD camera that loop records. A pretty cool, small, functional & affordable addition to a front facing camera. You can get it at


If you can afford to mount two cameras on your bike that is great. If not, it's a good idea to record what you see by mounting it on your helmet. By doing so you get the additional effect of letting drivers know that you are recording them. You would be amazed by how much respect you get with that.

If you have a Garmin EDGE and want to keep your handlebar mount set up clean and light, the K-EDGE combo mount allows you to mount your EDGE and either your GoPro or VIRB right under it. 


Resolution and frame rate

Two basic things to think about: resolution and frame rate.

Resolution is the size of the image. Bigger is better for beauty shots, but not necessarily if your goal is to document a dynamic scene. You also have to take into account the frame rate because there is an inverse relationship between resolution and frame rate.

Frame rate is how many times a second that the camera is taking an image. The higher the frame rate, the less blurry the individual frames will be. Higher frame rate is better to capture fast moving details like license plates off vehicles. So I tend to chose the lower resolution and higher frame rate for this reason. 

Loop recording

Loop mode allows you to record video continuously while saving only the most recent video footage. All 3 of the POV's if have listed here allow you to do that.

Ride Redding will be having a POV workshop in the coming months, including mounting, operation, downloading, editing and posting workflow.

Remember, if law enforcement didn't see it, it didn't happen. 

Introducing weRide Redding

Introducing weRide Redding

Introducing weRide Redding, a photographic public relations campaign to show people in our community that cyclist of all types are real people, with jobs families and hobbies, just like them.  Whatever bike or bikes you ride, no matter how far or what for, you are perfect for this campaign, we want real live people! So far we have 30+ people but Ride Redding still needs you! We want this to be an ongoing campaign. 


We are looking for: 

Families, couples, individuals.

Competitive, recreational, casual, commute, lifestyle riders

Dirt, road, path. 


Please consider participating, just fill out the form below and let us know you are interested.

Name *

BoomTown BMX's Start House Burned

BoomTown BMX's Start House Burned


BoomTown BMX's start-house was burned to the ground sometime before 4am early sunday morning. Apparently BoomTown has had problems with vandals in the past.

Our track has been the repeated target of vandals but we will not let them win! We are going to continue to provide our kids with a safe and fun environment to ride in despite setbacks. Please share with your friends and family. We need the community's help to put a stop to this! If you have any information please contact the sheriff's department. -Dustie Kenyon (BoomTown BMX)

Let's help out BoomTown get some security cameras and help rebuild the start-house out of something that can't be destroyed, and or maybe we need a larger solution for the problem that can also raise the profile of BMX in our community?

Why wait for California Street?

With all the hub-bub about California Street we need to pull back and take a 10,000 foot view of what is and could be going on downtown for people on bikes.  Currently, a re-striping plan that has been in the works for months has been hijacked by the local media. Yes, a painted buffered bike lane is a new tool in the street design box for better bikeways, but what will it really do increase safety on California Street for bicycles? What will it really do to increase the numbers of bicycles coming downtown? At what point is there true impact for Downtown to see a tipping point? When and where, and what for, do we spend our limited political and community capital? Do we want a town where we are fighting block by block to get some room to ride next to the fuming cars with nothing but paint between us and the texting driver, or do we want to have a space that we can truly call our own.

I am sure many of you reading this have seen and been watching other cities grow and progress their cycling infrastructure and want to mimic their improvements and benefits, but we here in Redding are at a unique advantage already. We have a vast network of paths connecting many different and wonderful parts of our community and has been growing for years and will continue to grow along the rivers and open spaces. We are lucky because we have plenty of space on many of our streets and greenbelts for the creation of the "Urban Trail."


Now it is time to transition the River Trail into the Urban Trail, rolling from the river side to straight down the middle of the downtown mall. Or a "downtown loop" keeping the bike lane on California and Pine streets on the left/inside creating a loop around the mall, allowing the double right to remain on Pine and so the cyclist won't have to deal with the conflict zone from the right turn onto the freeway.  Imagine living in Palo Cedro and being able to ride to the Sundial Bridge physically separated from vehicles just like you can from Old Shasta. Or after riding to the Dam roll to the downtown mall for a nice big burrito and have your bike securely locked at the door. Everyone should all be able to get to and from the Sundial Bridge with our families safely,  from any neighborhood, whether we live on Shasta View or College View, Bonnyview or Parkview. Imagine riding your bicycle to dine, see a move or grab a gallon of milk, go to work, school or church, all without having to navigate with cars on our main roads.

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="181,182,183,184,185,186,187" orderby="rand"]

Creating this vision will not be easy or happen this summer, but when we are done it will be the best quality of life we can offer here, not just for spandex clad cyclist but for runners, walkers joggers, the causal commuter, students, grandmothers, and families. This will take time, effort, planning, understanding process and compromise, but in the end we will have the freedom to choose to move around this community without a car safely with the whole family.


This is not to say that bike lanes don't have their place but we have to be careful how much political and community capital we put into gaining anything but the best facility because cycles of rebuilding and maintenance are becoming more scarce. The basic 6' bike lane was originally the plan by Caltrans was going to happen relatively quietly, as a part of a regular maintenance project, without reducing traffic lanes or cost to the project. There are plans in the works to bring the River Trail to Downtown but if we take away a lane now we may get increased push back if we need to take more space later. We don't want to appear like a drug addict to those that don't understand the vision, we need to be clear about what we really want to see ultimately on our street and get it right the first time.

The scientific deference in comfort of the cyclist between a standard bike lane and a painted buffer appears to be in the 10% range. The deference between a standard bike lane and a bike facility with planters separating traffic appears to be in the 60%. Which do you want to fight for?
The scientific deference in comfort of the cyclist between a standard bike lane and a painted buffer appears to be in the 10% range. The deference between a standard bike lane and a bike facility with planters separating traffic appears to be in the 60%. Which do you want to fight for?

If you feel compelled that California Street could have a better bikeway than a simple painted buffered bicycle lane next to moving traffic and are willing to have a little patience to build something better, consider reading and signing this petition to Caltrans.

Also consider attending Thursdays Caltrans Open House to voice your opinion, even if it is different then the one stated here.

UPDATE: Backlash is a real thing, especially if you don't use the community process or put something permeant in they can take it away.

ACHD scraps buffered bike lanes

Crews will begin removing the experimental setup on three Downtown Boise streets this weekend.

Petition - Delay Removing a Lane on California St to Research a Protected Urban Trail from the River Trail to Downtown

Petition - Delay Removing a Lane on California St to Research a Protected Urban Trail from the River Trail to Downtown

We can have 3 motorist lanes and a bike lane. If we take a lane prematurely from motorists we risk a community backlash for future cycling infrastructure improvements and risk retaliation on the road towards cyclists. An Urban Trail from the River Trail to downtown could truly help revitalize downtown  with the user base already in place, while the section being discussed on Califorina Street does not currently have safe network acess for cyclist to warrant lane removal. Also bike lane big enough for people to drive in will only encourage people to do so. Let's not make waves over a facility that does not serve the majority of people on bikes in this community.

To Sign Petition Click Here or below

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.46.47 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.46.47 PM

If We Want the Masses to Ride We Must Provide Physically Protected Urban Trails

If We Want the Masses to Ride We Must Provide Physically Protected Urban Trails

Most of us in the community have been to and used, or at least know of the Sacramento River Trail.  It connects the Downtown Mall, Bechelli, Sundial Bridge, Turtle Bay, Hilltop Bluffs, Cadwell Park, Old Shasta, Keswick, Stanford Hills and Lake Redding Estates together without needing to come into contact with vehicles. This trail is great for recreation and helps some people commute from one part of town to another. But we can do better. There is a lot of chatter about adding bike lanes and buffers for commuting in the down town area. Thus increasing business and even helping to revilitize downtown. This is all well and good, but you will only get a certain type of cyclist to use these facilities. There are different types of cyclists and they are willing to use different kinds of facilities if provided.

  • Strong and Fearless - Rides anywhere, just because they feel comfortable on the open road doesn't mean they wouldn't mind having the best kind of facilities. Very few people are this way. 
  • Enthused and Confident - Uses bike lanes and bigger shouldered roads, changes route to avoid conflicts, really likes places like the River Trail. This is a slightly larger group than Strong and Fearless.
  • Interested but Concerned - Your classic, puts the bike on the back of the car to get to the River Trail because they just don't feel safe sharing the road. This is often the majority of people in a community.
  • The last group is, "no way, no how will I ride a bike!"

If we connect major shopping & dining areas with neighborhoods, schools, churches and community centers. Use physically protected urban trails that connect to the existing River Trail, we can really start to help revitilize this community with the bike and all the benefits that go along with it for transportation, lifestyle and recreation.

Now we have academic proof of this, Portland State University's National Institute of Transportation and Communities released it's study of separated on street facilities. People for Bikes has a shorter break down of this study. Below is their info graphic breaking down the increase in usage. I think we can do better.

Most of these are just separated by reflective plastic flex post or parking spaces.  In an age of distracted driving and ever increasing anger towards cyclist. When and where we can, we should physically protect cyclist with something like short sections of planters with trees or shrubs.  Or circumvent the streets all together with paths like the River Trail. This is not to say that in certain situations a conventional bike lane or shoulder widening should not be done. Think of the Urban Trail as an extension of the River Trail.  Mimicking the main arteries of the town. We also have a lot of opportunity with the creeks & greenbelts throughout our city.  Think, Churn Creek Trail, dirt on one side paved on the other.

We must also do this intelligently as to not over promise and under deliver results. By simply extending the River Trail into parts of town with a physically protected Urban Trail we have a user base that will use the new sections that are constructed. If we were just to construct an urban trail along California Street without connecting it to the River Trail how would people safely get there to use it? It would effectively connect to nothing. An empty path could lead to backlash against the project and future projects.

If you wish to voice your opinion on California Street, (here is mine)  come to Caltrans open house on thursday

Ride with a POV Camera

Reporting harassment or even a collision with an irate, aggressive and or distracted driver often leads to law enforcement and the legal system siding with the driver. Having a POV camera on your bike or helmet can really help your case. Along with the hard to dispute footage it can be posted to social media and help you catch a license plate that is o so hard to catch when your heart is racing fearing for your life or laying on the ground after a hit and run.

Post by Look! Save A Life / Arizona.