What are we all about?
We are a high school mountain bike team that competes in the Norcal Cycling League.  We are a start up composite team that consists of riders from the Redding area in the hopes that it will eventually grow in this prime riding area as multiple high school teams.  The season begins Dec 1st and continues through May.  We compete with other high school teams in California.

When do we practice?
Practices occur two times per week after school and on Saturdays.  Most practices will be held on the West side of town on a variety of trails including Mary Lake and in Swasey recreational area.

How/When do I race?
Races will take place February-May in the Folsom Lake Granite Bay area, Laguna Seca and Fort Ord in Monterey, Boggs Demonstration Forest in Lake County and Stafford Lake in Marin County.  Races are well marked and are generally 5-6 mile loops with races generally 13-20 miles. We are strictly a cross country mountain bike team.  If you are a gravity rider, cyclocross, enduro, etc. You are welcome to practice with us and be part of the team, but please realize that we ONLY cross country race but keep in mind most of these other disciplines benefit tremendously from cross country training!

How do I join?
If you would like more information, please contact coach Hilari Freeman. We will have a few informal practices and informational meetings in the fall, but official practices begin in January.  Dues are $275, and you will need a bike that is functional ideally with front suspension and disc brakes.  Please don’t let money or lack of a bike be an issue.  We do hope to have some scholarships available.

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