We started Ride Redding for the purpose of giving the Redding area the exposure of high-value media and the support the Redding cycling community deserves. When it comes to biking in and around the Redding area, our landscape is an untapped playground, as well as a fabulous place to live by bike that is just in its infancy. 

We want to take that same philosophy of high-value media that we have started Ride Redding with and extend it to our sponsors. Without you, we can not accomplish much, but with you, and the association of your brand with our programs and projects we will continue to grow our audience and strengthen our cycling community while making our town, Redding, a world-class cycling city.

We have impactful business sponsorships available. Please contact us directly (below) for business benefits supporting Ride Redding. We want to present and associate your brand with our projects and programs to our growing and engaged audience approaching 5,000 bicycle enthusiasts. Creative advertising for your business that shows your support for our local community is our priority to our sponsors.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and enjoy the ride!

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